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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 6, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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name. >> i left a job with a horrible female boss. i had the resignation letter in my pocket and i quit and it felt great. >> i will see you monday here at noon. and "happening now" starts now. >> fox news alert. ferguson, missouri responding to a scatting report citing racism in the police force. >> city leaders set to meet to provide a plan of action for change. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> iran and isis are competing for the crown. >> and a growing danger for u.s. and our ally. former cia director james wool authority bee will be here. >> plus, eyewitness accounts after a commercial jet skids off of the runway and crashing through the fence just inches from the frigid waters.
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>> delta flight coming in laguardia airport with a ruptured wing and fuel leak. >> a passenger who experienced the horror will join us. and the end of an eight year journey to the outer reaches of the galaxy. a massive spacecraft in a planet 3 million miles from earth. it is all "happening now". but we begin with powerful winter storms, bringing heavy snow and bitterly cold temperatures. welcome to "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee. and the snow storm in new york city proving nearly catastrophic. and the runway in laguardia airport is reopened after the flight from atlanta smashed
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through the fence. six passengers were slightly injured but everyone survived. the ntsb is looking at what went wrong. kentucky hit with two feet of snow in some areas. temperatures are starting to rise and now concern about the danger from the melting snow. we have more from rick. >> hey, jenna, flooding will be a concern in the east depending on how we see the warm up happen. radar- wise that storm is gone and things are calm in the country which is really, really nice. it was an impressive storm. snow? texas and much of arkansas and in the bull's eye. 11 inches arkansas and kentucky and ohio. many areas with this little stripe getting a lot of snow. and temperatureses are going to warm up this weekend. watch what happens a cold night
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tonight in the northeast. not as cold as this morning but a refreezing on the roads. so be careful tomorrow morning. and the sun angle is getting high enough, you are in the sun and seeing the melting and the temperatures are beginning to climb. we'll see the warm up beginning to build here this weekend. and 50 in louisville by sunday and melting of the snow and we'll see localized flooding with that. and pushing 40 degrees in boston and 43 in new york. and going into monday and the temps slowly climb. boston has all of the snow on the ground. it is ideal conditions. you don't want to see temps in the 50s and 60s and cause rapid melting of the snow. but 40s, it will be a nice gradual melt and that's what we need to see. watches, tuesday, chicago 52 degrees. and that is going to feel amazing for many people and much of the northeast.
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and getting closer to average, jenna which will feel balmy. >> and feel like shorts and t- shirts. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> republican presidential hopefulses searching for the winning formula to give them victory. looking at ten closest states in the 2012 election. political analyst said they will be the decisive battlegrounds in 2016. look at the electorial big ten. wisconsin nevada and florida and iowa and pennsylvania and colorado will and virginia and ohio. where will these ten states go? shera is politics editor for roll call and daniel is on line editor for the weekly standard. welcome to you. interesting sharia. you point out at this time of the campaign cycle, everyone is paying attention to iowa and south carolina and yet those
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states are not privon theal in the general election. >> and you have a lot of candidates looking to run for the republican nomination and who will decide that? iowa and new hampshire, and south carolina and maybe florida? you look at two of the three first states. iowa and south carolina, and they have conservative republican electorates and the same guy who pick the nominee in the caucuses and later in the primary may not be the same choice that the big ten states where the general election will play out and not the same candidate they pick. >> daniel, you say one candidate has a target on his back. who is that? >> that is scott walker. if you are leading the pack everyone pays attention to you. all of the republicans have a cattle call in iowa in the agriculturial summit. they will look to see how scott walker are does and if he
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stumbles everyone will pay attention to that because of the increased attention that the leader gets. jeb bush is making inroads particularly in the establishment and money raising. he has yet to prove himself among the voters. no one has. and scott walker has the top poll position. >> it is widely thought jeb bush has a lock on the big money donors and our fox news polls ask this question. which leader or candidate is a strong leader? these are republican voters responding here. 44 percent say scott walker is strong. and 49 percent see rubio strong. and 50 percent see jeb bush as a strong leader. sharia, again, is that because of the bush family name? it is been a while since he was
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governor of florida. >> am sure it is to do with the family name. you bring up a leadership question the average respondent will think about it. but the number of people who responded negatively to bush. that is because of high name ik and how divisive he could be as a presidential candidate down the line among the republicans. >> we started out talking about the big ten states and i am wondering daniel which of the republican candidates shoes the the best chance of winning pivotal states that might decide the election? >> it upon helps if you are from the state. jeb bush from florida and marco rubio from florida. you need florida to win. and wisconsin is also in play and scott walker comes from that and won it three times in four years. the strongest candidates come
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from the states that are competitive and they run competitive elections before. and they are time- tested and understand politicses and understand winning the elections in hard races. that helps them to get prepared for the 2016 presidential race. >> it is it fascinating to watch as the republicans hone in on a candidate. thank you. >> and a story we watched on "happening now". new documents recovered from osama bin laden's pakistan hide out released in a brooklyn court. this is a small portion of the million documents collected in pakistan. a former official explains the significance of the other documents yet to be released to the public. >> it is a treasure trough of the information from the raid. that material can provide insight to include al-qaeda,
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activities in pakistan, and iran and africa and elsewhere. >> there is a new twist on the story, the editorial in the wall street journal that details perhaps what happened when the white house heard what was in the papers. our national security correspondent is reporting more on this development. jennifer the head of the house intelligence committee wants all bin laden raid documents made public, why is that? >> reporter: jenna chairman of the house intelligence committee inserted language in the 2014 intelligence authorization act to demand all 1.5 mill yoin documents seized in the bin laden compound be declassified so the public can see the role that bin laden was playing up to the very end and how al-qaeda was not in decline the narrative that the administration pushed since the bin laden raid. and in the washington journal
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lays it out. the white house provided 17 hand picked documents to the combating terror center where a team of analyst reached the conclusion that the obama administration wanted. >> the goal that i set to defeat al-qaeda and deny the chance to rebuild is now within our reach. >> reporter: some in the intelience committee disagreement the director of national intelligence and mull pel sourceses push back on the notion that the task force formed to exploit the documents was ordered to stop the work in spring of 2012. >> and yet the head of the defense intelligence agency has concerns of his regarding this. what is that about? >> reporter: there's the lieutenant mike flynn concerns that the white house was married to the narrative that al-qaeda was close to it defeat it
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clouded how it fought against the ideology. >> who is briefing the president? how does he get to the sentences. for me to sit here and tell you why he says what he says i don't know. i know what the the intelligence said, was not necessarily what we hear. it was opposed wasn't it? >> i would say from my perspective it was just opposite. >> you can't sit here and say al-qaeda was defeated when we are still looking at elements of al-qaeda that are conducting operations. >> for more on brett's interview stay tuned this weekend, gen a. >> jennifer thank you. >> as the u.s. pushes for a nuclear deal with iran a disturbing new warnpuz from former cia director about the danger of iran to the u.s. and israel.
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>> a plan that skid off the runway in new york laguardia airport is in the hangar. the runway reopened this morning after crews worked all night to remove the jet from the embankment where it came to a rest. the nose broke through the chain link fence and stopping inches above the icy water. robert had a front row seat to all of this. he was a passenger on the flight. robert gt good to have you here. and nice to have you here in person. >> and thank you for having me. >> tell us what happened. >> i was resting and a sleep and soon as we hit the ground and normal landing and you felt something different. it felt hard and very, very fast. >> at that moment did you get
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worried or a pit in your stomach? >> it was shock more than worried or scared or anything. and then we slid for a scombhiel the plane was bouncing and banging and it was pretty rough and you felt like you hit and went over something and bank hit the embankment. >> what were the passengers doing around you? >> stunned silence really. >> what happened next. >> the flight attendants and flight crew popped up and did a great job and i was so grateful for what they did. they asked to stay in our seats and they immediately set about opening the exit doors over the wing and rear door and evacuating the passenger. >> how did you exit. >> on the wing. >> you had to walk on the wing? >> you walk on the wing and slight down and on the new york fire department waiting.
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>> they were waiting for you right there? >> yeah. in fact from my seat as we stopped they were on the scene. >> it is a relief to hear the response of the crew and fire department was immediate. >> yeah. >> what did you think when you backed away from the plane and taken to the airport and see the plane on the embankment, what went through your mind. >> the gravity of the situation hit us all and several of the passengers broke down in tierce and you saw the plane on the embankment, you realize how close you were to a disaster. >> what did that feel like for you, robert. >> sinking stomach and i was struck. and all we could say in the moments thanks to be to god that i am not in the water. >> absolutely, for us on the set we didn't get a great vantage point until afterwards and you
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can see what is on the other side of the embankment. >> i could see the water from row 11. >> are are you's comfortable flyer? >> i am very comfortable and i really place a lot of credit for the pilots and crew that saved us. i will get o a delta jet comfortably and fly home and see my lovely fiance. >> you don't have concerns about it. i know it is 24 hours old, and new. and i am curious about your observations of how this potentially impacted you? >> i don't know how the long- term impact will be. but this morning when i woke up. i felt great. it is like miracles happy every day and you have to observe that they are there and see them and i saw one yesterday and today, i was raring to go. >> that is it a good way to put it. we have to thank your lovely and
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beautiful and talented fiance who is a fox news viewer and she's the one who told you to turn around and take the photographs and she sent them to fox news and she is like a honorary are producer. you are going home tonight? >> i am. >> say hello to it lori from all of us here at fox. john? >> there are places where landing on an icy runway is no big deal. case in point, frozen waters of new hampshire's lake. pilots touched down on the surface there. it is it lake and sea plane in the base. but in the winter it is only certified ice runway. they probably do this in alaska all of the time. the air strip is 3000 feet long and plied once the ice is think enough. >> john roberts is not pressing
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his luck. he will not try it out. >> jon scott might try it out. we'll see. >> allies are saying the nuclear deal on the table with iran doesn't go far enough. nuclear iran could be a global death sentence. it doesn't need to go nuclear. we have to take precautions. we'll speak the ambassador about his concern. new information on the oil train derailment in illinois. update is just ahead. [announcer] if your dog can dream it purina pro plan can help him achieve it. ♪ driving rock/metal♪ music stops ♪music resumes♪ music stops ♪music resumes♪ [announcer] purina pro plan's bioavailable formulas deliver optimal nutrient absorption. [whistle]
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now with the xfinity tv go app, you can watch live tv anytime. it's never been easier with so many networks all in one place. get live tv whenever you want. the xfinity tv go app. now with live tv on the go. enjoy over wifi or on verizon wireless 4g lte. plus enjoy special savings when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. there is a warping of the dangers of the nuclear iran. if iran obtains a nuclear weapon
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the u.s. would be at rift. research and he wrote a column to get it done. and it is nice to have it on the program. >> and what is so refreshing about the program. it is a big step back from the detail back and forth from nuclear negotiation to the broader question of whatever we are currently safe whatever iran does. are we. we are from iran briefly and not north korea. they have both missiles to get it. & it needs to be system. and as long as it can be put in orbit by the relatively smaller primitive missiles that the iranians have. and it could be detonated over
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the united states. and at the appropriate altitude can effectively destroy the electric grid. that means we are living back in the 1980s preweb but the 1880s and we have enough with the water pump handles. this is the one that keeps me a wake at night. that was president reagan's science advisor. and we have something on the order of two-thirds of the people in the united states die
10:26 am
as a result of food or water et cetera. and there is another estimate that 90 percent would die in the first year. >> that is frightening. and one of the parts in your piece we need to take the threat seriously. this is different than the cold war. it is different than the nuclear arm's race. and why they need to pay teengz the threat. and we have to pay attention to the threat. and that is one government that is by north korea. and we may well given what is happening in the negotiations with the iranians. and within a year or two have an iranian nuclear weapon and they have ballistic missiles to put in orbit and they have done so. and they have a very serious problem? back in the good old days.
10:27 am
they are awful but not absolutely nuts and they were willing and able to have arm control agreement with them. strategic communication and our leaders talked to one another in an emergency. it helped to focus on the iranians. >> and again going back to the piece not properly protecting the country is a derelection of duty. you worked with both republicans and demdeps and you know the politics in play. and i am curious whether or not you have the capability to protect ourselves in the type of attack whatever the outcome of the nuclear organization. >> and generalry we do third ship protectors and cages that are part of our electronic
10:28 am
defense mechanism but they have not been deployed to protect the civilian electric grid. transformers could be destroyed by these types of pulse and wills that is in the heart of the electric system and the commission had a figure of 2 billion for the basic changes that are needed to be made in the grid and 20 billion to fix almost all of the things that need to be fixed in the grid. and there are other expenses. and compared to the domestic programs and defense, 20 billion even to protect our electric grid from something like this, is not a great deal of money. >> seems like a no brainer and it is a story to report later on. we'll look forward to having you back. thank you very much. >> sobering stuff. >> absolutely. >> and a busy friday on wall street. and the big board welcoming a new member as stocks take a nose dive. look at the markets and find out
10:29 am
why they are down. and long and bloody road to freedom. remember the watershed moment of cellma. johnathon is there. >> hi, john. we are overlooking the iconic bridge where hundreds of grade school students are crossing in commemoration of events that took place in this town 50 years ago. we'll have the story coming up. rrn
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>> "happening now" look at
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markets and economy as well. u.s. economy add 295000 jobs last month. analyst say the drop is because they are. and in the meantime the dow is set for a change in membership. and that is just a moment. and the dow is trading lower. and officials wrapping up a briefing in illinois. and 21 cars of an oil train derailed near the mississippi river. and not just six. and garrett?
10:34 am
>> this situation could have ended much worse. the train was carrying 103 tanker cars filled with crude oil. it is just what five of those cars caught fire. and that is just outside of the town of galenna. and crews are getting them under control and investigators are trying to figure out what happened. >> and this is the latest in a series of accidents. and it adds to the growing concerns of how safe that is. >> and since 2013 there had been ten major accidents in united states and canada and involving trains carrying crude oil. last month in west virginia a derailment forced hundreds of families to evacuate. and the train cars are supposed
10:35 am
to be a newer and stronger model of train cars and they are still too low though. and the department of transportation are are pushing the white house and it is not clear if they will approve those and a decision is expected on that in may. >> thank you, garrett. >> and that is joined by the host of fox news analyst howard kurtz. >> you are looking at the hillary clinton tore stores and e-mails and variety of coverage that we receive. tell us about that. >> and resonating with all elements of the media. and how do they get a personal e-mail server at home. and secrecy and corner cutting that plagued hillary clinton since she became a national figure.
10:36 am
this is ancient history and there were allegations swirling around the first lady ranging from white water and travel gate and some of this was serious and some overblown and conspiracy theory. and it left hillary with deep scars in terms of her attitude with the national press. >> you are saying that is coming back up again. and every scandal needs to have a larger narrative and here there are private e-mail while serving as secretary of state and liberal commentators giving her a rough time, her husband in '93 ran on everybody should work hard and play by the rules and she's always had to combat and does she play by the same rules and not having a government e-mail address. >> and you are not the secretary of state, but you use your private e-mail i have e-mailed
10:37 am
you at a gmail act. >> i have a fox news and gmail. and i have to get one of these personal servers i feel out of it. >> i guess it is all of the rage. and that is part of the stories and you have other things on media buzz. tell us about that? >> i want to talk about the interview with rand paul. we talk about how the media treats him roughly and how he mixed up with the journalist and if he has a thin skin with criticism. it is a candid sit down. >> you ask him if you have a thin skin. >> you will be surprised what he has to say. >> i will be surprised. and i will be e-mailing you at your fox news address. i appreciate it. >> and this weekend marks the 50th anniversary in the civil right's movement and the violent
10:38 am
crack down with marchers that are attacked and beaten by the police as they try to cross the bridge in alabama. it was known as bloody sunday and paved way for monumental changes in this country. johnathon? >> hi john. original marchers will return to the historic bridge. among those linda blackman lowery. she was beent on march 7, 1965, and later that year she was the youngest person to complete the entire march during which she celebrated her 15th birthday. >> the sel mamovement was a children's movement because our parents was going to get fired from their jobs, you know if they were photographed openly participating. >> images of the police crack
10:39 am
down on the petis bridge and civil rights march helped to sweep legislation to protect minorities from harrassment and intimidation from the polls. and 50 years later, miss lowery wishes more americans would take advantage of their right to vote. >> how can you bring about change if you don't help yourself in you are going to sit down and holar about it afterward ares. you don't get out there and vote? >> and president obama and former president george bush will be expected to be there and commemorating the transformative events that took place on the bridge behind me 50 years ago. >> johnathon thank you. >> and nasa going where no probe has gone before. it is a spacecraft that is alien
10:40 am
marketing. are they? and a former astronaut helpsitous dig deeper in the historic journey. we'll have that next. major: here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium and phytosterols which may help lower cholesterol. new ensure active heart health supports your heart and body so you stay active and strong. ensure, take life in. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we've always been at the forefront of advanced electronics. providing technology to get more detail... ♪ ♪ detect hiddethreats... ♪ ♪ see the whole picture... ♪ ♪
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don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. >> hi everyone. i am gretchen carlsson. imagine what we learn about al-qaeda and picked up in compound. we have seen the 25 ouments. and we'll talk to bret baier and looking at the docs. and doctor who pulled harrison ford out of the plane could have saved his life. and we are hearing about the motive on the canadian parlamount that killed a canadian soldier. join us in the top of the hour. >> time for a right to work bill and governor scott walker's
10:44 am
desk. they voted in favor of the bill along party lines and no democrat voting for the measure. wisconsin is the 21st state with the union restricting right to work law. and making it official and sign it on monday. historic arrival this morning to celebrate. 310 million miles from earth and eight years in the making and nasa's down spacecraft orbitting siri. now it is time to explore the new world and mysterious bright spots that could be ice to alien mirrors or markings. mark is a former astronaut and senior advisor for the space programs in the museum here in new york city. 300 million miles away. the spacecraft is three times
10:45 am
away from earth as we are from the sun? >> it is a long way away. and it is not an easy place to get to. >> pretty cool we could fly to a dwarf planet that is about the size of texas. >> it is not as big as the earth or mars. but it is approximate the size of texas and a big rock and a dwarf planet. >> and the markings that have everybody interested are bright spots on the planet. why are they so fascinating. >> it is unusual to see two shiny objects or signatures coming off of a planetary surface. it could be some kind of salt flat or metal or it could be and probably my guess is that it is ice or water vapor or water in a form.
10:46 am
and speculation it might be exotic alien society or something. that is probably unlikely. but it would be exciting if it was water for example, because water holds the co to life. >> the spacecraft was 25000 miles away and will it get close enough to it figure out or you know provide the information that scientist will learn what the bright spots are? >> i think it will. that's the plan. it will be in orbit and a series of instruments to detect. and they can figure out what it is looking at. and they will get a idea what the planet is made of and looks like. we'll learn a lot from this. >> i was one of those who was disappointed when mruto got demoted and plutto was a dwarf
10:47 am
planet and this one was elevated. >> you win some and lose some. interesting propulsion on the spacecraft. it is not hydrogen and oxygen. >> this particular space ship and this mission, it has a great science pack that we will learn about the dwarf planet and to travel that distance and develop the instrumentation. that is a engineering feat and a miracle. and the ion porpulgz is exciting. looking at the eflougz of travel and propellers to jets and rockets and we have dealt with rockets for a long time and they are a good way to get to lower orbit but to get to mars and beyond and go places like in science fiction movies, we need
10:48 am
a better porpulgz system and the ion is the next step. it is great to see it was successful. >> back to the bright the spots. some suggested that alien life forms may have got signaling mirrors on the planet what do you think about that? >> i think probably not. i wouldn't bet on that. it is not a good idea to bet at all. but i don't know if i would go with that one. we want to believe that that is possible. and there is a chance that there is it life out there in universe and chances of that being what it is low. who knows, everybody should stay tuned whatever it is will be interesting. >> maybe they will be signaling the spacecraft as it gets closer. >> thank you for having me. pleasure. >> will google start to sensor your searches under the guise of
10:49 am
helping you? and we'll check it out next. and nissan recalling more than half a million cars. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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a lot of people are thinking more about public transportation with headlines like these. nissan is now recalling 640,000 more cars in north america. it's over the altima sedans to fix faulty latch that's can allow hoods to fly open while the car are are being driven. hundred day is recalling a water leak that can cause the transmission gear shifter to malfunction. hyundai will notify owners in april. dealers will install pads with
10:53 am
no cost to the owner to stop the leak. you know how it is when you do a search on the internet, there's false information floatinging out there. google is trying to change that. the research team creating a method of ranking results based on how factual the steps are. that gets dicey. we are live with more on this story. doug? >> they say you're entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts. it's a concept not everyone is comfortable with. >> let the public decide. >> mark ma raun know runs a blog that he says clears the pollution on climate science. >> your job constantly requires questioning facts from scientists around the world. >> yes. the consensus busters because they are so often wrong. >> exactly why he's worried about a new research proposal at
10:54 am
google, to rank web sites based on their so-called truthfulness. >> they're going to basically say truth is what a government agency says it is. >> currently, google uses web site popularity as the main criteria for how to rank searches. >> you've got to go out in the field. >> it's a method nomi of the accountability project says leads to false but popular facts getting big play on the internet. >> more often than not whashgs is popular is drowning out the facts, drowning out the real journalism. >> as part of its research google has created a knowledge vault which it describes as hundreds of thousands of commonly believed facts. the proposed ranking method would lower the search results for web sites that get these facts wrong. like obama born in kenya or conspiracies on the moon landing. >> global warming deniers
10:55 am
commonly believed facts now are wrong. what do you say to that? >> most global warming deniers are not scientists or journalists. scientists and journalists are trained to evaluate facts. >> supporterers say you and other bloggers are the problem because you're not really trained to distinguish fact from fiction. >> that's not true. we are actually the voice of the dissidents. we are the voice of the scientists who are speaking out against the so-called consensus. >> a google spokesperson stresses the proposal is simply research and there is no immediate plan to implement the knowledge vault. that's it from here. back to you. >> gives you a lot to think about when you google something, doug. >> whoever controls the truth controls the world, right? >> that's scary to think about. douglas, always great to have your report. thank you. the federal government has some pretty amazing power. so what happens when those powers are unleashed against a private citizen? you'll see firsthand.
10:56 am
joinl me this weekend for "enemy "enemies of the state." so four federal agencies are now looking at the engel brekts the irs, the atf the fbi and osha. isn't it possible that this was all just a coincidence? >> wouldn't that be be great? but you start stacking it all up and at some point, you know if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck. >> did you ever ask any of these agents or agencies why the sudden interest in you and your lives? >> no. they were just following orders. >> where did the orders come from? >> there's the question. >> don't miss it. the program airs this saturday march 7th, 10:00 p.m. eastern, again on sunday march 8th 8:00 p.m. eerp, "enemies of the state". new information on harrison ford after he crashed his vintage airplane in the middle of a california golf course. we'll bring you the latest on his condition, next.
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when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson.
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go out and enjoy your weekend. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. "the real story" starts now. we're going to hear for the first time from the doctor who pulled harrison ford out of his plane wreck. new intel from the docs recovered from bin laden's lair. they showed that al qaeda was gaining ground, not on the run. i'm going to reveal your fox anchors' secrets to getting a good night's sleep and maybe more. i'm gretchen carlson. "the real story" starts right now. of. >> we kick off this friday with a fox news alert. hollywood superstar in the hospital at this hour after piloting his vintage airplane to a crash landing in the middle of an l.a. golf course. the 72-year-old actor whose impressive resume includes many


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